Automatically forward to another web page

I. HTML to have one web page automatically advance to another page

Display your web page, wait an arbitrary number of seconds, and then automatically advance to another page or URL.

<title>My page title</title>

where 3 is the number of seconds that this page will be displayed before advancing to the HTML file or URL listed after URL=. Note that the whole string after CONTENT= must be in quotes, and there must be a semi-colon after the value for the number of seconds.

II. Javascript automatic forwarding

1. This javascript will immediately forward you to another page. Someone call it "stick" page, since when you press BACK button, it will flash you back to the same page again. (The page is added to the history stack.) Following is the complete code.

<script language=javascript>
<!-- Hide from old browser
window.location = ""
//or window.location.ref = ""
/ / end -->

2. If you do not want page to "stick", use following code instead. (Replace the history stack with the new page.)